The 6th Natuzzi Italia store opens in Brazil

Natuzzi Italia opens the 6th store in Brazil, located in Porto Alegre, the capital of the Rio Grande do Sul state.


The store, inaugurated on August 28th, is the first integrated project carried on in Brazil: both the indoor and the outdoor of the building, in fact, were built from scratch and they were designed within the collaboration between the Brazilian architectural firm AT Architecture and the Natuzzi Retail Center. The result is aesthetically and functionally coherent with both the product displaying needs and the surroundings of the building.


The 800 square meter store spreads over 4 floors and “it was conceived to enhance the products displayed”, says the head architecht Mauricio Ceolin. The architecture of the store reflects the essence of the brand thanks to its modern lines and accurate design that match brilliantly with the refined style of the products displayed. Another peculiar aspects of the indoor is the lighting project, fully made in Italy, that allows natural light to pervade the whole store thanks to the wide windows. Each floor, in fact, boasts a nice view of the Moinhos de Vento park, situated nearby the store.


With the Porto Alegre opening the Natuzzi Italia harmony arrives for the first time in the Rio Grande do Sul state. The store aims at becoming a hotspot for interior design not only in the city but also in the whole metropolitan area of Porto Alegre that hosts more than 4 million inhabitants.

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